Reading the Whole Bible

The following are the 341 readings, 15-20 minutes each, to read the Bible cover to cover. Please note: this is based on a Catholic Bible, which includes additional books in the Old Testament that were removed from the protestants' Bibles. The order of the Old Testament books is also not always exactly the same in every Bible, but this follows the standard Catholic ordering. Follow the links to look at the readings.

Genesis 1-4 God creates Heaven and Earth, and all animals, and all things, and he creates humans, first Adam, then Eve. He told Adam not to eat from the tree, but the serpent tempts Eve who tempts Adam. They have children, the first of whom (Cain) kills the second (Abel).
Genesis 5-9A genealogy from Adam to Noah. God floods the earth, but saves Noah, his family, and some animals in an ark. When they get off the ark, God promises with a rainbow never to flood the earth again. Then Noah gets drunk and curses one of his sons.
Genesis 10-14A genealogy of Noah's sons down to Abram. Abram moves from Ur to Haran with his father, then when his father dies, he moves from Haran to the land of Canaan. He goes to Egypt during a famine. He fights a war against the kidnappers of his nephew Lot. Melchizedek offers a sacrifice.
Genesis 15-18God promises Abram a son, but he and Sarai try to conceive by a surrogate, Hagar, whom Sarai then hates. God requires circumcision and renames Abram and Sarai, Abraham and Sarah. Three men/angels visit Abraham who tries to negotiate for the sake of Sodom which they will destroy.
Genesis 19-21The Sodomites try to rape the angels, who help Lot and his family escape the destruction, but his wife is turned to salt. He has children with his daughters. Abraham and Sarah again lie about their relationship, causing trouble. Sarah has a son Isaac. Hagar and Ishmael are kicked out.
Genesis 22-24God tested Abraham, telling him to sacrifice his son Isaac. Abraham obeyed, believing in God’s promises. Sarah dies and Abraham buys a field to bury her. Abraham sends a servant back to his homeland to find a wife to Isaac. He finds Rebekah, and she marries Isaac.
Genesis 25-27Abraham dies. Isaac & Rebekah have twin sons, Esau & Jacob. Esau is the firstborn, but sells his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of stew. The Lord promises to bless Isaac. Rebekah helps Jacob trick Isaac into blessing him rather than Esau. Esau hates Jacob for stealing his blessing.
Genesis 28-30On the way to his uncle's, Jacob sleeps in Bethel and dreams of God repeating the promise of Abraham and Isaac. He promises to serve God, if he will provide. He wants to marry Rachel, so he works for 7 years, but his uncle switches Leah for Rachel. Jacob marries Rachel too a week later, then works 7 more years. Leah bears 4 sons for Jacob; Rachel’s maid, 2 sons; Leah’s maid, 2 sons; Leah, 2 more sons and a daughter; and then Rachel bears a son. After the 14 years, Jacob works to earn a share of the flocks.
Genesis 31-33Jacob goes home. He leaves without telling Laban, who chases after him. Rachel stole her father’s idols, but he cannot find them. Jacob and Laban swear an oath and depart in peace. Afraid of the reception Esau will give him, he sends presents ahead of him. Jacob prays to the Lord for protection. He wrestles all night with an angel. He gets a blessing from the angel. Jacob and Esau meet and depart in peace.
Genesis 34-36Dinah is raped by Shechem, or elopes with him. Her brothers arrange a marriage but then kill the men of Shechem’s city, kidnap women and children, looting the city. Jacob returns to Bethel, and God repeats the promise of Abraham and Isaac to him. Rachel dies giving birth to Benjamin. Isaac dies.
Genesis 37-39Jacob has 12 sons, but favors Joseph, who dreams that he will rule over his brothers. They decide to kill him, but then they sell him to slavers, who take him to Egypt. Then they tell Jacob that Joseph is dead. In Egypt, Joseph is successful, but his master’s wife lies, sending him to prison. Meanwhile, Judah unknowingly sleeps with his widowed daughter-in-law, then threatens to kill her for being pregnant.
Genesis 40-42In prison, Joseph interprets dreams for fellow prisoners. Then Pharaoh has a dream, and Joseph interprets it, that the next 7 years are good but the 7 years after that will be a famine. Pharaoh puts Joseph in charge of food management. Joseph’s half-brothers come to Egypt for food, and Joseph in disguise accuses them of being spies. He insists that they bring him Benjamin (his full brother).
Genesis 43-45Jacob’s family needs food, so he sends all his sons (including Benjamin) to Egypt. Joseph tries to keep Benjamin with him and send the others home, but they will not leave. Joseph hears that Jacob thinks he is dead, so Joseph reveals himself. When Jacob hears Joseph is alive, he plans to go to Egypt.
Genesis 46-48God speaks once again to Jacob, repeating the promises. Jacob and his descendants go to Egypt, where they live in the land of Goshen, protected by Joseph, who continues managing Egypt’s resources. Jacob blesses Joseph and his two sons, taking them as his own sons in place of Joseph.
Genesis 49—Exodus 2Jacob speaks about each of his sons, then dies. Joseph takes his body back to Canaan. His brothers worry he may kill them, but he does not. Joseph dies. 300 years later, the Israelites are slaves. Pharaoh tries to kill all Hebrew boys, but one is saved, adopted by a daughter of Pharaoh, and named Moses. He kills a man and runs away from Egypt to Midian, where he marries. Meanwhile, the Hebrews suffer.
Exodus 3-6Moses sees a burning bush that is not burned up. He approaches it, and the Lord speaks to him. He tells him to return to Egypt and lead the Israelites out of slavery. Moses is reluctant, and God tells him signs that he can work as proof. Moses is still reluctant, and God tells him that his brother Aaron may do the speaking for him. Moses goes to Egypt, the Lord tries to kill him, he circumcises his son. He speaks to Pharaoh, who does not listen but only increases the burden of the Hebrews.
Exodus 7-9The Lord changes Aaron’s rod into a snake. He changes the water of the Nile into blood. He sends frogs, fleas, flies. He kills all livestock, and the Egyptians get boils. Then he sends hail. Throughout all this, Pharaoh does not let the people go. He tries negotiating, but he refuses their unconditional release.
Exodus 10-12The Lord sends two more plagues: locusts and darkness. Then the Lord sends the angel of death to kill the first born of all the Egyptians. On that night, the Israelites take a lamb, kill it, spread its blood on their doorway, eat its flesh roasted, they also eat unleavened bread for seven days. The angel of death passes over their houses, but the Egyptians mourn. The Egyptians send the Israelites away with gifts.
Exodus 13-15The Lord tells Moses to consecrate all firstborns. God leads the Israelites to the shore of the Red Sea, where it seems they will be captured by the pursuing Egyptians, but he protects them with fire and splits the Red Sea. They cross on dry land, but the Egyptians go in after them and are drowned when the waters return. The Israelites are without water, but God purifies a poisonous lake for them.
Exodus 16-18The Israelites complain that they have no food. Then God sends food on the ground each morning, but with rules. They have no water, so Moses commands water to come from a rock, but he is punished for not doing so exactly as instructed. Amalek comes and fights Israel, who win so long as Moses’ arms are held aloft. Moses’ father-in-law comes and advises him how to manage the people.
Exodus 19-22
Exodus 23-26
Exodus 27-29
Exodus 30-32
Exodus 33-35
Exodus 36-38
Exodus 39—Leviticus 1
Leviticus 2-5
Leviticus 6-8
Leviticus 9-11
Leviticus 12-14.10
Leviticus 14.11-16.10
Leviticus 16.11-19
Leviticus 20-22
Leviticus 23-25.28
Leviticus 25.29-27.34
Numbers 1-2
Numbers 3-4
Numbers 5-7
Numbers 8-10
Numbers 11-13
Numbers 14-15
Numbers 16-18
Numbers 19-21
Numbers 22-24
Numbers 25-27
Numbers 28-30
Numbers 31-32
Numbers 33-36
Deuteronomy 1-2
Deuteronomy 3-4
Deuteronomy 5-7
Deuteronomy 8-11
Deuteronomy 12-15
Deuteronomy 16-19
Deuteronomy 20-23
Deuteronomy 24-27
Deuteronomy 28-29
Deuteronomy 30-32
Deuteronomy 33—Joshua 2
Joshua 3-6
Joshua 7-9
Joshua 10-12
Joshua 13-15
Joshua 16-19
Joshua 20-22
Joshua 23—Judges 1
Judges 2-4
Judges 5-9
Judges 8-9
Judges 10-13
Judges 14-16
Judges 17-19
Judges 20-21
1 Samuel 1-4
1 Samuel 5-8
1 Samuel 9-12
1 Samuel 13-15
1 Samuel 16-17
1 Samuel 18-20
1 Samuel 21-24
1 Samuel 25-27
1 Samuel 28-31
2 Samuel 1-3
2 Samuel 4-7
2 Samuel 8-12.25
2 Samuel 12.26-14
2 Samuel 15-17
2 Samuel 18-19
2 Samuel 20-22
2 Samuel 23—1 Kings 1.31
1 Kings 1.32-3.28
1 Kings 4-7.12
1 Kings 7.13-8.43
1 Kings 8.44-10.29
1 Kings 11-13.6
1 Kings 13.7-15.34
1 Kings 16-18.40
1 Kings 18.41-20.43
1 Kings 21-22
2 Kings 1-4.11
2 Kings 4.12-6.33
2 Kings 7-9.28
2 Kings 9.29-12.21
2 Kings 13-15
2 Kings 16-18.25
2 Kings 18.26-21.18
2 Kings 21.19-24.7
2 Kings 24.08—1 Chronicles 2
1 Chronicles 3-6
1 Chronicles 7-10
1 Chronicles 11-15
1 Chronicles 16-19
1 Chronicles 20-23
1 Chronicles 24-27
1 Chronicles 28—2 Chronicles 1
2 Chronicles 2-5
2 Chronicles 6-8
2 Chronicles 9-12
2 Chronicles 13-17
2 Chronicles 18-20
2 Chronicles 21-24
2 Chronicles 25-28
2 Chronicles 29-31.11
2 Chronicles 31.12-34.13
2 Chronicles 34.14-36.23
Ezra 1-4
Ezra 5-8
Ezra 9—Nehemiah 2
Nehemiah 3-5
Nehemiah 6-8
Nehemiah 9-11.14
Nehemiah 11.15-13.31
Tobit 1-4
Tobit 5-9
Tobit 10-14
Judith 1-5
Judith 6-8
Judith 9-12
Judith 13-16
Esther A, 1-3
Esther 4, C, 5-6
Esther 7-10, E, F
1 Maccabees 1-2.41
1 Maccabees 2.42-4.7
1 Maccabees 4.8-5.48
1 Maccabees 5.49-6.63
1 Maccabees 7-9.14
1 Maccabees 9.19-10.37
1 Maccabees 10.37-11.38
1 Maccabees 11.39-12.53
1 Maccabees 13-14.34
1 Maccabees 14.35-16.24
2 Maccabees 1-3.18
2 Maccabees 3.19-4.50
2 Maccabees 5-7.19
2 Maccabees 7.20-9.18a
2 Maccabees 9.18b-11.38
2 Maccabees 12-13
2 Maccabees 14-15
Job 1-6
Job 7-13
Job 14-19
Job 20-26
Job 27-31
Job 32-37
Job 38-42
Psalms 1-11
Psalms 12-21
Psalms 22-30
Psalms 31-37
Psalms 38-45
Psalms 46-55
Psalms 56-66
Psalms 67-73
Psalms 74-79
Psalms 80-89
Psalms 90-101
Psalms 102-106
Psalms 107-116
Psalms 117-119
Psalms 120-138
Psalms 139-150
Proverbs 1-8
Proverbs 9-15
Proverbs 16-22
Proverbs 23-31
Ecclesiastes 1-6
Ecclesiastes 7-12
Song of Songs
Wisdom 1-7
Wisdom 8-13
Wisdom 14-19
Sirach 1-6
Sirach 7-13
Sirach 14-19
Sirach 20-26
Sirach 27-33
Sirach 34-40
Sirach 41-46
Sirach 47-51
Isaiah 1-6
Isaiah 7-13
Isaiah 14-20
Isaiah 21-25
Isaiah 26-29
Isaiah 30-33
Isaiah 34-37
Isaiah 38-41
Isaiah 42-45.10
Isaiah 45.11-49.26
Isaiah 50-54
Isaiah 55-59
Isaiah 60-64
Isaiah 65—Jeremiah 2.13
Jeremiah 2.14-4.31
Jeremiah 5-7
Jeremiah 8-11
Jeremiah 12-15
Jeremiah 16-19
Jeremiah 20-23.12
Jeremiah 23.13-25.38
Jeremiah 26-29.15
Jeremiah 29.16-31.40
Jeremiah 32-34.11
Jeremiah 34.12-37.21
Jeremiah 38-41
Jeremiah 42-45
Jeremiah 46-49.11
Jeremiah 49.12-50.46
Jeremiah 51-52
Lamentations 1-3
Lamentations 4—Baruch 2
Baruch 3-5
Ezekiel 1-4
Ezekiel 5-8
Ezekiel 9-12
Ezekiel 13-16.31
Ezekiel 16.32-18.32
Ezekiel 19-21
Ezekiel 22-24
Ezekiel 25-28.19
Ezekiel 28.20-32.10
Ezekiel 32.11-34.31
Ezekiel 35-37
Ezekiel 38-40.27
Ezekiel 40.28-43.27
Ezekiel 44-46
Ezekiel 47—Daniel 1
Daniel 2-3.45
Daniel 3.46-5.12
Daniel 5.13-7.28
Daniel 8-10
Daniel 11-12
Daniel 13-14
Hosea 1-7
Hosea 8-14
Joel 1—Amos 1
Amos 2-7
Amos 8—Jonah 4
Micah 1-7
Nahum 1—Habakkuk 3
Zephaniah 1—Haggai 2
Zechariah 1-7
Zechariah 8-12
Zechariah 13—Malachi 4
Matthew 1-5.20
Matthew 5.21-7.29
Matthew 8-10
Matthew 11-13.30
Matthew 13.31-16.12
Matthew 16.13-19.30
Matthew 20-22.22
Matthew 22.23-24.51
Matthew 25-26
Matthew 27—Mark 1
Mark 2-5.20
Mark 5.21-7.37
Mark 8-10.31
Mark 10.32-12.44
Mark 13-14
Mark 15—Luke 1.56
Luke 1.57-3.38
Luke 4-6.26
Luke 6.27-8.21
Luke 8.22-10.16
Luke 10.17-12.34
Luke 12.35-14.35
Luke 15-18.8
Luke 18.9-20.40
Luke 20.41-22.71
Luke 23-24
John 1-3
John 4-5
John 6-7.52
John 7.53-10.21
John 10.22-12.50
John 13-16.22
John 16.23-19.12
John 19.13-21.25
Acts 1-4.22
Acts 4.23-7.54
Acts 7.55-10.18
Acts 10.19-13.12
Acts 13.13-15.41
Acts 16-18
Acts 19-21.36
Acts 21.37-25.22
Acts 25.23-28.31
Romans 1-4.8
Romans 4.9-8.17
Romans 8.18-11.36
Romans 12-16
I Corinthians 1-6.8
I Corinthians 6.9-9.27
I Corinthians 10-13
I Corinthians 14-16
II Corinthians 1-5
II Corinthians 6-10
II Corinthians 11—Galatians 2.10
Galatians 2.11-6.18
Ephesians 1-5
Ephesians 6—Philippians 4
Colossians 1-4
I Thessalonians 1-5
II Thessalonians 1—I Timothy 4
I Timothy 5—II Timothy 3
II Timothy 4—Philemon 1
Hebrews 1-6
Hebrews 7-10.36
Hebrews 10.37-13.25
James 1-5
I Peter 1-5
II Peter 1—I John 2
I John 3—Jude 1
Revelation 1-4
Revelation 5-9
Revelation 10-14.12
Revelation 14.13-18.24
Revelation 19-22